Event Sponsorship

Guidelines for requesting sponsorship

Minnesota Blues Society, as part of it’s Mission, provides support to organizations and events that request our support.
All aspects of sponsorship must be consistent with our mission statement  (see Minnesota Blues Society Bylaws) 


Approval for MnBS assistance will be determined by the Board of Directors and must be obtained in advance of the event. 

In order to obtain all of the pertinent information necessary for the Board of Directors to decide on providing assistance, the Blues Society requests an application and agreement form be submitted to the Board.

An agreement for sponsorship by the MnBS implies agreement that your organization will not involve the Minnesota Blues Society in controversial issues nor expose the Society to adverse criticism.
Application may be made online or by mail.

 Please send any additional documents the MnBS may require to info@mnbs.org
      (Example: posters, photos of previous, event documents)


Please Note These MnBS Policies:
        MnBS will NOT serve or dispense any alcoholic beverages.
        MnBS will NOT be responsible for any ID checking.
        MnBS will NOT be involved with any security tasks.

 MnBS policy for handling money at an event:
    Before the start of event:
     1. Count startup cash in front of person who provides it
     2. Write startup amount on receipt
     3. Cash on hand Receipt will be signed by MnBS representative and event representative
     4. Cash will be placed in a cash box monitored by the cashier
    At the end of the event:
     5. Both parties will count money and agree on amount collected
     6. Cashier will return money to event representative
     7. Cashier will obtain signed receipt of money collected

If there is a question or concern about the handling the money at an event, the cashier (provided by MnBS) is covered.  MnBS will request a third party will count the money to insure confirmation of the amount covered. 

For additional information please contact MnBS at info@mnbs.org



Your signature and the submission of this request implies that you will honor the guidelines and policies of the MnBS.