MnBS Communications Policy

All communications placed on a Minnesota Blues Society (hereinafter referred to as the “MnBS “) website, Social Media, or issued using  email address must be consistent with the MnBS Mission Statement.

 1. The MnBS website, designated Facebook page, and email will be the primary methods of communications to our membership and to  the public at large. Other methods of online written communication must be vetted and approved by the board prior to use.

2. MnBS Email accounts will be the designated secure method of online communications between Board members including the use of online voting amongst the Board of Directors when needed. 

3. ZOOM (or other secure  designated online meeting site) is the designated method for meetings of the Board of Directors. Public access to these meetings will be granted upon request from
members or the public at large. 

4. The Society does not/will not automatically host/provide a message  board or a blues calendar but it may do so at a future time so long as the Board of Directors has sufficient volunteer resources  available to manage and monitor those items. Under no circumstances will a message board or calendar be instituted without first understanding issues of liability regarding same. 


Statement of Purpose: Website ( 

The MnBS will provide a responsive website with current information and  current MnBS branding with the intent to: 
 1. Provide members with easily accessible up to date MnBS information

 2. Increase membership involvement
 3. Simplify the use of online payments and forms for membership and other relevant information

 4. Engage and encourage  new people to join MnBS

 5. Be a repository for MnBS current and archival information
 6. Meet accepted SEO and Security requirements

The MnBS website does not provide paid ad space in our online communications.
Our Sponsor program includes space on the MnBS website and subscribed email lists for designated links with the sponsor’s information.  Management of the MnBS website is by the MnBS Communications committee and its designated representatives

Statement of Purpose: Social Media
 The official social media for the MnBS is the Facebook page at the
     following domain: (

1. This page (and brands) are owned and managed as a business entity page for MnBS.
2. The page is provided for the use and enjoyment of our members and the public at large.   
3. This domain is owned and managed by the business entitiy:
Minnesota Blues Society.    
4. Any and all information submitted to this page must adhere to the stated MnBS Communications Policy. 

MnBS reserves the right to exclude posts which do not support the MnBS Mission Statement and Policy. 

Management of the MnBS Facebook page is by the Communications Committee and its designated representatives.


Statement and Purpose:  Subscription Communications

The Minnesota Blues Society uses iContact as our vendor to handle our subscription email services.  All communications from a mass send out will originate from

The MnBS adheres to the following standards;

1. We will not share your information with anyone

2.All communications will adhere to the MnBS Communications Policy and our Mission Statement

3.The MnBS understands that limiting the number of communications is
desirable and the content of these messages will be to:
 ~ provide news and information regarding upcoming blues events (weekly Blues Notes)
 ~ provide giveaways on “free merchandise or tickets” that we  receive,
 ~ semi annual newsletters
 ~ to provide information on Board of Director elections and voting

4. MnBS reserves the right to send information that is deemed urgent and necessary as needed. 

5. Each communication will offer a link for the receiver to “unsubscribe” to this service.


This policy is subject to change by an act of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be the final arbitrator of any issue arising from this policy.  

Accepted and Approved by the Board of Directors, February 2023