Online Discount Program Application

Thank you for your interest  in providing a discount to membership of MnBS.


The Minnesota Blues Society (MnBS) Discount Program is an excellent way for area businesses to introduce themselves and their services to MnBS members and for MnBS members to receive discounts for products and services available in their local area.

This program will require a member use a current MnBS membership card.


Participating businesses are asked to complete and sign an agreement describing the discount or benefit they will agree to provide. The use, or intended use, of this form is neither that of a legal document nor is it binding upon either party.


The purpose of this form is to provide a means of record keeping for MnBS and participating businesses.



You will be contacted by a MnBS Board Member for the final steps after completion of this form. Please contact the MnBS webmaster if you have questions regarding this form.

Description of Discount or Benefit in Full Detail by the owner, manager, or an employee of the business, Explain to the MnBS any variations in the benefit or discount amount.
This will be used as contact info on MnBS website
Provide the address for the business and any other details necessary for a consumer to locate your business.
ie: show MnBS membership card, join a club, click a button on a website
This agreement will be effective with notification from MnBS of acceptance and will continue until said business notifies MnBS it is canceling the agreement, the MnBS notifies said business it is canceling the agreement, or said business is no longer in operation. If said business wishes to make changes in its discount or benefit, it will notify MnBS by email at or by mail to Minnesota Blues Society, P.O. BOX 580704, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55458.
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Please add the logo you would like to use for the link we place on the MnBS website. The maximum size allowed is 256mg. We will reach out to you to onboard your information for the website.